Agri–Steel Distribution
7208 Twin Oaks Road
Lincoln NE 68516
Phone: 402-484-8380

Behlen Parts Warehouse
Toll Free: 800-965-4145
Fax: 402-484-8349

Temporary Grain Storage Systems

For Crop Circles, Grain Bunkers, Grain Tarps and other Accessories

Please contact:

Agri-Steel Distribution Inc.
Toll free: 800-965-4145
Fax: 402-484-8349

Agri-Steel Distribution Warehouse is located in Waverly, Nebraska. 2 miles South of the 409 Exit on Interstate 80. This warehouse is the shipping point for all Behlen Waffle Panel bin Parts. We stock parts and the new bins to match your Behlen system built since 1964. (see pictures & waffle panel designs on Product list section).
Contact us for all of your  long-term, intermediate, and short-term grain storage needs.
collage of Behlen grain storage